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35 Yorkshire Terrier “Yorkie” Puppies You Will Love

Yorkshire Terriers are famous companion dogs, but they were actually bred to be ratters in the 1850s. Although they are not used for killing pests anymore, ratting is still present in their nature. This breed actually belongs to a toy group instead of a terrier group due to its small size. A toy dog is […]

35 German Shepherd Puppies That Really Cute

As the third most popular dog breed in the United States for the last 10 years according to the American Kennel Club, the German Shepherd dog attracts attention with its good looks, intelligence, and strong personality. German Shepherds have become one of man’s most favorite dogs throughout history. Some of the more famous of them […]

42 Of The Cutest Christmas Puppies

If you love Christmas and you love puppies, your heart will burst when you see these pictures of festive puppies celebrating the holidays. Adopting a puppy is much like bringing home a new baby. From the get go, a puppy will require consistent training, constant supervision when young, boundaries, high quality dog food, grooming and […]

32 Funny and Cute Animal Pictures Of The Day

People like to laugh, and to give their friends and family reason to laugh as well. One of the best uses of the internet beyond its informational and communication capabilities is giving a platform for people to create and share many ways of making themselves and those around them ways to laugh. If you have […]

Taking Puppy Photos – Tips You Can Use!

Puppy photos have fast become a novelty today. More and more people are collecting these cute things. Taking puppy photos is both an enjoyable and learning experience. You do not only amuse yourself by snapping several photos but you also cultivate skills during the learning process. If you are interested to take such pictures, it […]

Airline Approved Pet Carriers Make Traveling a Breeze

Traveling is rarely a fun endeavor. There are so many small details to tend to and if you’re taking the family pet along, it can become even more stressful. Many airlines have strict regulations in place when it comes to bringing a dog or cat on board and you want to be certain you are […]

How To Make A Dog Costume – Halloween costumes for dogs

Our pets are so much so part of the family, that more and more of us are including them in all our holiday rituals, including dressing them up for the occasion! If you are looking for some really cute, funny, and even scary dog costumes or perhaps need some inspiration on how to dress up […]