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25 Amazing Pictures about Ragdoll Cats and The Facts You Should Know!

[tps_header]When talking about beautiful cats, ragdoll cat is definitely one of them. Ragdoll cat is a large-sized, smart cat breed with semi-long coat originating from California in 1960s. Ragdolls are pointed breed which means their bodies are lighter in colors than ears, legs and faces. The ragdolls are quite interested in human beings are always […]

Capsule Cat Carrier Backpack – Let Your Cat Travel Like an Astronaut

From the day we get our feline friends back, we dream of doing many things together, like curling up in the sofa watch TV shows, or take a walk in the park. But the truth is if you take your cat out, it will not behave in the way you want it to. To solve […]

20+ Best Amazing Pictures Of Maine Coon Cat!

[tps_header]As we can guess from the name, the Maine coon cat is the official state cat of Maine. Originated from New England, this breed is the oldest breeds in North America, making it the first indigenous cat breed. Maine Coon cat is a large-sized domestic cat, with great intelligence. It has a personality that usual […]

20+ Persian Cat Kittens That Will Melt Your Heart!

[tps_header]The Persian cat is an old cat breed yet little is known of its history. They are one of the most popular cat breeds in the United States. It is widely known for being quiet and sweet. The Persian cats are medium-sized to large cat breed, with a balanced body and always has a sweet […]

20 + Munchkin Cat Pictures

Talking about short legs, many may think of the Corgis . Yes, they are adorable. But today I am going to introduce another short-legged animal which you may be interested in—-Munchkin cat. In fact, the Munchkin cats can dates back to 1940s. People who don’t know them consider them handicap while they are as normal […]