21 Animals Photographers That Want to Help Out

We all admire those wildlife photographers who go to the untamed jungles and savannas to take pictures of the animals. But have you ever thought of a real “wildlife” photographers? That means animals take the pictures. For most of the time, animals are subjects of the the pictures, but sometimes, out of curiosity, they may come […]

20 Animal Brothers from Other Mothers

We always joke around by saying “this is my brother from another mother” when we share a great similarity in appearance with someone. While this does not only happen to human beings, animals resemble each other too! It’s not only between the same species, but also among different animals. This kind of resemblance can happen […]

When Dog Meets Baby – Tips and tricks for new parents!

Bringing home a newborn means adjustments for your household, since for many couples, their pet may be their first “baby.” Strategies exist to prepare your favourite four-legged friend for the newest two-legged addition to the family. Training Teaching your dog some basic commands before the baby arrives is a good start to a well-mannered pet […]