Papillon Dog Breed Information and 30 Cute Pictures

The Papillon (French pronunciation: [papijɔ̃], “butterfly[-eared]”), also called the Continental Toy Spaniel, is a breed of dog of the Spaniel type. One of the oldest of the toy spaniels, it derives its name from its characteristic butterfly-like look of the long and fringed hair on the ears, the French word for “butterfly” being papillon. A […]

Savannah Cat Breed Information Facts & 30+ Pictures

The Savannah is a hybrid of a domestic feline and a medium-size African wild cat, the Savannah is a challenging and rewarding companion. between an African serval and a domestic cat. The first known breeding was in the early 1980s Judy (or Judee) Frank, a Bengal breeder located in Pennsylvania. In the early 1990s, Patrick Kelley, […]

The world’s grumpiest cat! 40+ Funniest Grumpy Cat Memes Pics

Q:What is the grumpy cat’s name? A: Tardar Sauce (born April 4, 2012) Commonly known as Grumpy Cat, is an American cat internet celebrity. Grumpy Cat is the most calm kitty we have ever come across! She travels perfectly fine and is extremely calm when traveling. We have only traveled with her on a few occasions […]

Westminster Dog Show : Breed, winners, Best pics in Show

The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show is a prestigious all-breed conformation show that has been held in New York City annually since 1877. Currently, the breed and Junior Showmanship competitions are held at Piers 92 and 94, while the group and Best in Show competitions are held at Madison Square Garden. The number of entries […]

30+ Images of Big Dogs That Are Gentle Giants

Despite their sometimes fearsome appearance, larger or even giant dog breeds can make especially good family friends, loving and protecting your children as their own. Dogs such as Mastiffs and Great Danes might look intimidating, but many large and giant breeds are actually total softies. Beneath their massive bodies and, in some cases, copious fur, […]

American Eskimo Dog Breed Information and 30+ Photos

The American Eskimo Dog is a breed of companion dog, originating in Germany. He’s a Nordic dog breed, a member of the Spitz family. The breed’s progenitors were German Spitz, but due to anti-German prejudice during the First World War, it was renamed “American Eskimo Dog”. Called “the dog beautiful” by his admirers, the American […]

37 Boo the Dog Pics the Cutest and Most Famous Dog in the World

Boo Ahn is a Pomeranian that became an Internet sensation. Known for his short haircut, he has a popular Facebook page and is the subject of four photo books. As of March 2016, Boo has over 17.5 million Likes on Facebook. There are three types of Pomeranians, including the Fox Face Pomeranian, the Teddy Bear […]