20+ Well-dressed Dogs Ready For Christmas!

[tps_header]This is Christmas season! Everybody likes Christmas of course. So if you are tired of traditional decorations, now try to decorate your dog and treat them like an important family member. And common decorations for your furry friends are dog sweaters, scarfs, collars and stockings. Check the dog pictures below. They are already rigged out […]

20+ Cute American Boxer Dog Pictures You Will Love

[tps_header]Being America’s eighth most popular dog breed, boxer dog is one of the great working dogs. The boxer dogs originate from Germany. Throughout history, the boxer has been trained to be hunting dog, police dog and guard dog. It is a medium-sized dog with great energy. With time goes on, today boxers are more suitable […]

20 Perfect Diy Dog Beds Ideas for Your Furry Friend

[tps_header]Your dog is always the loyal loving and protective companion of your life. So it’s only right to reward them with the life they would like. And having a great dog bed will be the first step. Just as we like to lay on comfortable beds, so does your dog. So no matter what shape […]

20+ Cute Boston Terrier Dog Pictures You Will Love!!

[tps_header]As one of the few dog breeds originated in the United States, Boston terrier was bred to be great companion. It is a compactly built, short-tailed, well-proportioned dog breed with smooth coat and erect ears. They are usually marked with white in proportion to black, brindle or seal. And that’s why many call it “tuxedo”. […]

20+ Cute German Shepherd Dogs and Facts You Should Know!!

[tps_header]Known as a great police dog and military dog breed in the world, German shepherd dog is ranking No. 2 most popular dog breeds in the United States and No.4 in the United Kingdom. It is commonly known for its confidence, smartness and loyalty. As for the appearance, the German shepherd is a medium to […]

Portuguese Water Dog Information and Pictures

Just as its name suggests, Portuguese water dog is a dog breed originated from Portuguese region and mainly is mainly trained to herd fish into fisherman’s nets. The Portuguese water dogs are self-willed, brave and resistant of tiredness, which make them great working dog. The PWD is definitely A student among all the dog breeds […]

20+ Persian Cat Kittens That Will Melt Your Heart!

[tps_header]The Persian cat is an old cat breed yet little is known of its history. They are one of the most popular cat breeds in the United States. It is widely known for being quiet and sweet. The Persian cats are medium-sized to large cat breed, with a balanced body and always has a sweet […]

20 French Bulldog Puppies You will Love

[tps_header]Similar to English Bulldogs, French bulldog is a small-sized dog breed. They have enjoyed a long time of as a family dog. Despite the muscular appearance, the French bulldog is known well as an intelligent, active and quite playful companion. Due to the small size and active personality, they can adapt to apartment life easily. […]

20+ English Bulldog Puppies and Facts You Should Know!

[tps_header]According to AKC, English bulldog is ranking 4th as the most popular dog breeds in America. One of the important reasons is that they are quite amiable and friendly. In fact, English bulldog is a medium-sized dog breed with a winkled face and a distinctive pushed-in nose. If you are looking for a family dog, […]