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37 Adorable Cat Tower Plans For Your Furry Friend

Are you wondering how to buy a cat tower without breaking the bank. Wondering how to provide hours of kitty climbing fun and exercise? You’ve seen those elaborate, expensive cat climbing towers in the pet store and know that your kitty would love to have a spot all her own, away from the dog and […]

34 Quotes Only Cat Owners Will Understand

Short, simple, and sweet – these cat sayings are the cherry on top of our resource of cat quotes. See the sheer, undeniable kitty essence immortalized in these 34 quotes for cat lovers. A cat purring on your lap is more healing than any drug in the world, as the vibrations you are receiving are […]

42 Funny Cat Snapchats That You Need To See Right Now

Cats have always been funny, Snapchat, being a visual storytelling medium, has naturally been taken over by the same cute furballs that dominate all social media platforms – cats. If there’s one thing that we know about cats it’s that they’re hilarious on Snapchat. You can see from these hilarious pictures, they’re even funnier with […]

35 Yorkshire Terrier “Yorkie” Puppies You Will Love

Yorkshire Terriers are famous companion dogs, but they were actually bred to be ratters in the 1850s. Although they are not used for killing pests anymore, ratting is still present in their nature. This breed actually belongs to a toy group instead of a terrier group due to its small size. A toy dog is […]

35 German Shepherd Puppies That Really Cute

As the third most popular dog breed in the United States for the last 10 years according to the American Kennel Club, the German Shepherd dog attracts attention with its good looks, intelligence, and strong personality. German Shepherds have become one of man’s most favorite dogs throughout history. Some of the more famous of them […]

42 Of The Cutest Christmas Puppies

If you love Christmas and you love puppies, your heart will burst when you see these pictures of festive puppies celebrating the holidays. Adopting a puppy is much like bringing home a new baby. From the get go, a puppy will require consistent training, constant supervision when young, boundaries, high quality dog food, grooming and […]